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You are Not a Burden, Help Us Help You

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The conversation is all too familiar to our coaching staff. An athlete returns to the gym after a period away, say 1-2 weeks, and a coach asks them, “where have you been?”

The athlete replies that they haven’t been in because they suffered a tweak – inside or outside the gym– and they didn’t want to be a burden by coming to class. We’ve heard a lot of variations to the athlete’s why I didn’t come to class statement – not knowing how to modify for injury, not wanting to take a disproportionate amount of the coach’s time, not wanting to scale or modify around the injury, or not wanting to stand out to the rest of the class, to name a few.

We wanted to take this opportunity to set a few things straight.

First of all, it’s 100% encouraged for you to come to class when you have a limitation or something you need to work around. Not only is it encouraged, but the coaches actually expect you to continue coming to class. YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN.

Fitness is gained, in part, through consistency. Breaks away from the gym to allow one area of the body to heal, while the rest of your body is completely capable of fitness, is not a recipe for long term consistency. Not to mention, many have found that exercising the parts of the body that are 100% helps the problem area to recover faster.

In addition, we firmly believe that modifying a workout to get IN a workout, is far more beneficial than simply not working out. For many, a tweak can halt fantastic momentum. A week spent skipping workouts and all of the sudden it’s hard to get back into that great routine you had just a mere 7 days prior. Consistency is key here, even if what you are doing looks slightly different. KEEP THE ROUTINE!

Come to class, keep the routine, and heal up. There are literally hundreds of exercises and movement variations that could be used to work around your limitation. Our coaches are well versed at scaling and modifying movements and workouts based on your injuries or limitations.

We’ve scaled and modified for (to name a few):

  • Broken feet
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shoulder surgery repairs
  • Sprained, strained, tweaked, etc. of nearly every joint
  • A strained or tight low back
  • A neck that was slept on in a funny way
  • Ankle, knee, shoulder, and wrist surgeries

So, how do you put this into practice?

The next time you pull, tweak, strain, or run into something that causes you to question whether or not you should come to class, start by signing up for class. Then, email the coach for that class, or any of the coaches and give them a heads up of what’s going on. When you arrive to the gym, check-in with the coach so they can ask you any needed questions and start to make a plan for the workout modifications for that day. Then, continue to communicate with us as you heal up AND keep getting fit.