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Why Kettlebells?

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Why Kettlebells? 

Chad Curtis


Kettlebells have become a part of mainstream training recently, but many of you may still be wondering why including this ball of steel in your training would be beneficial.  What are the advantages versus all the other training equipment that is available? Even if you have had some experience using kettle bells, having proper instruction and taking the time to refine your technique is important to understanding the value of these incredible tools.


Kettlebells are among the most versatile, if not the most versatile piece of fitness equipment available today.  Sure there are very specific goals out there that would require the use of other pieces of equipment, for example it would be nearly impossible to develop top end strength without the use of a loadable barbell.  However, when we are looking at general physical preparedness for everyone from the high school athlete to your newly retired parents who just turned 65 look no further than the kettlebell.

The wide variety of kettlebell movements allows users to address strength, power, coordination, balance, stability, mobility, cardiovascular health, endurance, and flexibility.  This means that this tool can be the solution to most individual’s goals in terms of physical fitness.

Exercises include common movement patterns like pressing, squatting, hinging (deadlift) and pulling to help develop strength, and by adding some variation to tempo and pauses you can use many of those same exercises to address flexibility, mobility and stability.  Beyond those common movements the kettlebell allows you to add dynamic/explosive movement through swings, snatches, cleans and jerks which will help to develop power and through program variance those movements can be utilized to help build endurance and cardiovascular health.  Looking at more movements that are unique to the kettlebell like turkish get-ups,  windmills, bent presses we can continue to address coordination, stability and balance.

Programming variance with kettlebell training can help to focus your work towards the goals you specifically have.  For example the high school sprinter will find a great deal of value from coupling low volume heavy swings with short sprints to develop speed and explosiveness, while our retiree will benefit greatly from consistent turkish get-ups, goblet squats, kettlebell deadlifts and kettlebell pressing with moderate weight performed at slow controlled tempo to help maintain/build stability, mobility, range of motion through their joints and balance. For many with movement restrictions or poor movement patterns, kettlbells allow them to be in a more favorable position for many movements decreasing pain and likelihood of injury.

Lastly a big separator in my opinion that makes the kettlebell stands out is it’s portability and small footprint.  If you are setting up a home gym or want to work out on your road trip, few things are easier than a kettlebell to provide you everything you need.  Most people can get a tremendous amount of value out of 2 bells (one light, one moderately heavy) so the overall investment is low and they will fit easily in the corner of your studio apartment or crowded garage.

Looking for help with your kettlebell training or interested in learning more?  Click Here or contact CrossFit BoomTown through our website we have several highly skilled kettlebell trainers and offer a kettlebell camp that will take you through a wide variety of movements to get you started with kettlebell training.