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#Training Tip Tuesday – This One’s for the Newbies

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We are so happy to have so many new faces here at CrossFit Boomtown. This week’s #trainingtiptuesday is for all the newbies. Here we will discuss tips for success and what you should expect from classes and from us as coaches.

Tips for Success

  1. Track your workouts. Get a notebook (we sell them in the retail area at CFBT) or find an APP on your phone (the TRIIB app is great), either way track what  you do. This helps show progress but also helps you remember the weight you used for specific movements so you can refer back to it for percentages later.
  2. Be a Good member. We provide a resource for you, a tool to help you improve your health and fitness but it is up to you to do the work. If you do not come to class, or when you are here you do not challenge yourself and grow you won’t see the same results as those who are doing those things…simply having a membership does not allow you to reach your goals, you have to do the work.
  3. Be on time. It is disrespectful to the coach leading the class and to the other members to be late and just as importantly you are doing yourself a disservice by missing/rushing a warm up.
  4. Be Social.Say hello to other members…always remember how you felt when you first started, nervous, unsure, intimidated?  Break the ice with others and help them feel welcome.
  5. Become a part of the Community. Get to know other members/coachesTake part in social gatherings/events, competitions, challenges, seminars, etc
  6. Invest in some Equipment. Get a good pair of shoes – flat sole is best

Try some different jump ropes and then get your own, it will help you improve your jump rope           skills much faster to work with a consistent rope.

7) Be Consistent. You’re paying for the membership and knowledge of our staff so use it and when you are there ask questions and pay attention…we want this to be a learning experience for all of our members.

8) Drink More Water!!! Try to consume about half of your bodyweight in ounces of water daily (i.e. 200# man = 100oz of water per day)

9) Take care of your Body.  Stretch, mobilize and move daily.

10) Listen to your body. If something is nagging you talk to a coach and/or get it checked out. If you are feeling run down take a look at your nutrition, sleep and training (there’s a pretty good chance one or more of those things are the culprit). If something is painful (not difficult or uncomfortable but painful) address that by either modifying the movement or eliminating it from your training.


  1. Expect to be a little sore. 
  2. Expect that you will probably feel a little lost or confused. It can take some time to learn everything that we do at CrossFit Boomtown. If you are consistent before you know it you will feel at home. Remember to ask questions.
  3. Expect that the more consistent you are the better results you will see. The more consistent you can become right off the bat the better. It will become easier and easier to maintain this habit. If you start making excuses it becomes much harder to build a habit of consistency.
  4. Expect to have fun and make friends. 
  5. Expect to try things you are scared of and learn you can do things you thought you couldn’t. 
  6. Expect to learn a lot about yourself.
  7. Expect CrossFit to change the way you look at a lot of different areas of your life. 
  8. Expect to talk about your workouts and what you are doing…A lot. 
  9. Expect to fall in love with exercise and movement.
  10. Expect to be proud of yourself and what your body can do. 

Remember that we are here to help and that everyone has to start somewhere, try not to compare yourself to the person who has been there for 2 or 3 years, they are on their journey and you are on your own, you can help one another along the way but always keep in perspective the reason that you walked into BoomTown and use that to guide your training.

We are so excited to see all of our new members grow and achieve new things in the upcoming months. Keep up the consistency and hard work guys, we are proud already!