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There is No Perfect Time

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We hear so many people talk about wanting to start a fitness program or change their nutrition, yet most of these people say “it’s just not the right time”. Many of us wait for the “perfect time” to make a change. We need the right amount of time, the right attitude, enough money, enough motivation…but sometimes this can be asking a lot and often times this “perfect time” never comes. Instead of working around some of these things and starting something NOW, many people wait and end up never actually doing anything.

Do you ever find yourself saying things like…

“When the kid’s schedule slows down” or “When work is not so crazy” or “When I don’t have so many bills” or “When I lose 20lbs” or “When I find a workout partner” or “When I have more energy” ?

If so, you may need to reconsider your goals. Before you know it “When work is not so crazy” will become 5 years (or more likely never) of you not working out or eating healthy.

For many people waiting until the “perfect time” allows for a real reason (or at least in their mind) of why they aren’t currently doing what it is they say they want to. For others, the intrinsic pressure of having to have everything be perfect in order to consider themselves successful can be paralyzing. Remembering that even if it’s not the right time in your eyes, starting now can help create the right time. Other parts of life may fall into place and you may realize that this was this missing piece all along.

There is no perfect time, there never will be. Stop letting this excuse be the reason you aren’t making a change today. Having this mindest will only keep you from getting the things you want. Make a conscious effort today to just start. Take the first step towards what it is you want TODAY. NOW. Don’t wait. You will regret not getting started more then anything else.