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The Power of Play

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As adults our world often revolves around work and responsibilities for our families. We often forget about the power of play and why we should include play into our daily routines.

There are many powerful benefits of getting out and just playing.

Play is something that:

  • happens in “play world” rather than in a “real world” (i.e. the world of work, and responsibility, and being “grown-up”, sensible, and mature)
  • absorbs our attention completely
  • motivates us intrinsically (i.e. just because we like to do that activity) rather than extrinsically (i.e. because we’re doing it for someone or something else)
  • has no real material purpose other than having fun
  • often has “rules” (e.g. get the ball into the net) but the rules are of no consequence in the “real world”
  • if done socially, helps us bond with other people
  • is holistic — involving body, mind, and spirit
  • makes us feel energized and joyful
  • taps our creativity and imagination

When is the last time you just played? How can you incorporate more play into your life?