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Sunday 9/4/16

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Set for Success Sunday

Quote I am Loving:

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” This is a tough one to swallow for a lot of us as it has probably been a long time since you truly branched outside of your comfort zone and did something new for the first time. Being a new mom and watching my daughter experience things for the first time all the time has been awesome the last 10 months. This week try to think of some things that you would like to experience that you have never done before. Make a list and make a plan to work towards doing at least one of these things in the next month.

Body Maintenance I am Doing:

Since being pregnant and injuring my left foot I have experienced some tightness and soreness in my feet. I have been using toe spacers to help alleviate some of my foot pain. Toe Spacers spread and stretch your toes and feet to help with tightness and can also help prevent and treat foot problems like hammer toes, bunions, bone spurs, achilles issues and plantar fasciitis. There are many different toe spacers on the market. If you go to Amazon you can find a ton of different ones to choose from. If you have foot issues, or even if you don’t but are a runner or one your feet most of the day, I would definitely consider trying these out!

Habit I am Forming:

I am truly making an effort to get outside and spend at least 30 minutes out there this week. Sometimes I let myself get consumed with work or other life things and find that I spent most of a beautiful day indoors. There are only a few weeks of summer weather left, don’t let it slip away!

Food I am Eating:

I love drinking coffee but it sometimes make me feel jittery. I am very into tea and other coffee alternative drinks. Recently we have tried Javazen  Javazen is coffee blended with other superfoods. I have tried the Balance. It has some coffee but it also has cacao nibs, matcha green tea, cinnamon and vanilla. Its absolutely delicious and doesn’t leave me feeling jittery after drinking it. You get the nice boost from coffee with some added benefits from the superfoods. I am interested in trying the relax next!

Thank you for reading this week’s Set for Success Sunday. Be sure to check out my blog and website and contact me with any questions! Have a great week!

Live well, be well.