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Sunday 9/11/16

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Quote I am Loving:

“Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.” I like this quote a lot. It shows us that if you know what you want and you have set goals for yourself that you shouldn’t waiver from those. You should work until you get what you want, but the way you get there can be adjusted along the way if needed. Think about the goals you have…have you not reached them because you are dead set on the way to get there and haven’t tried other ways?

Body Maintenance I am Doing:

I have been taking a pre-natal since before my daughter was born but have recently stopped taking it. I am now back to taking Pure Pharma All 3. I love Pure Pharma’s All 3 because it comes in 30 single packs and includes fish oil, D3 and magnesium, all things that people today are lacking. This trio helps reduce inflammation, strengthen bones and helps with sleep. It’s easy to remember to take and great for travel. Give it a try if you are looking for a great supplement. You can visit their website or pick it up right at CrossFit Boomtown.

Habit I am Forming:

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to be organized and I check my schedules and to-do lists regularly to make sure I am getting everything done. I use my phone for a lot of things, but sometimes I just like to write things down and physically cross them off. I just bought a day planner from Target and I am loving it so far. There are spots to write down goals for the week, phone calls you need to make and things to make sure you don’t forget. I am liking the phone/paper combination and am feeling extra organized these days.

Food I am Eating:

As fall starts to approach here in upstate NY the squash are abundant at the public market. This past week I picked up some pattypan squash. They are delicious and can be cooked like any other squash. I think I am going to stuff them with some ground beef later this week! Remember eating local and in season is not only more delicious but its more cost effective as well!

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Have a great week.

Live well, be well.