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Sunday 7/31/16

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Set for Success Sunday

Quote I am Loving:
“Eating well is a form of self respect.” I absolutely love this quote. How true is this!? If you truly respect your body then why would you do anything less than feed it well. Too often I talk to people who say they don’t have time to make eating well a priority, when really they should look deeper and think about how they truly view themselves.

Body Maintenance I am Doing:

I try to take time daily to stretch, but when I am pressed for time I know focusing on my hamstrings will give me the biggest bang for my buck. When you hamstrings are tight they create a downward pull on your pelvis which in turn can create issues in your hips and lower back. By having chronically tight hamstrings we increase the risk of injury from head to toe, as they are major movers for a lot of things we ask our bodies to do.

Check our Dr. Ryan DeBell’s The Movement Fix and specifically thisepisode for stretching those tight hamstrings!

Habit I am Forming:

I have talked about journaling in the past, but I have changed my focus lately on my journaling and been working with the Daily Greatness Journal and focusing on creative ideas mainly for the business. I am loving the structure of this journal and the opportunity to think about these things first thing in the morning, and then again at night.

If you are looking for an awesome journal they have a few to choose from, give them a look!

Food I am Eating:

We are always looking for new products to both use personally as well as to carry at the gym. Recently I have been using Vega Clean Protein.  This is a clean, plant based protein powder that will give you 25grams of your daily protein. I have been using the chocolate and am loving it!

Thank you for checking out this week’s Set for Success Sunday. Be sure to come back every week for more information and check our my website at

Live Well, Be Well.