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Sunday 7/24/16

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Set for Success Sunday 

Quote I am Loving:
“Effort doesn’t always equal progress. Busy doesn’t always equal productive. Choose wisely.”

So often people complain about being too busy, or when someone asks us how we are we answer with “busy”. I like this quote because it makes you think about how you spend your time. Is it productive or are you so busy because you aren’t focused? Use this quote to reflect on how you spend your time

Body Maintenance I am Doing:

Lately I have been doing some squats after my workout using the Slingshot hip circle. This is used to help activate the muscles around the hip and glutes and strengthen the adbuctors and muscles used for external rotation. Give it a try at the gym or snag your own here.

Habit I am Forming:

I crave ice cream and other sweet, cold things this time of year. I have found myself combatting this by grabbing an iced, unsweetened passion tea from Startbucks. I love using flavored, unsweetened teas as a way to push past a sweet craving. Try a passion tea from Starbucks, or find another tea you will like and throw it over ice now while it’s hot out!

Food I am Eating:

I have been using local honey daily and am loving the results. I find that my allergies have been at bay all spring and summer. You can find local NY honey right at Wegmans or at the public market. Check out other health benefits of honey here.

Thank you for reading this week’s version of Set for Success Sunday. Come back  next week for more tips. Head over to our website and read our blog or send me an email at asking about how to get started on your own personalized nutrition program.
Have a great week!

Live well, be well.