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Stop and Listen (to your Body)

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Sometimes more is not more.

In life, in so many different aspects, many people believe that if we just do or have more of something the end result is going to be better. If we work more we will make more money. If we fill our schedules we will be more productive. If we workout more we will be more fit.

Here is the truth: sometimes more is actually less. 

Seems counterintuitive, right? But sometimes doing more at work, filling schedules outside of work to overflowing, or doing workouts everyday can be detrimental. It’s like that time when you are out to eat with friends and you are starting to get full but order dessert anyway. You begin to eat dessert and think “I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m already full”. But it tastes so good! Continuing to eat in this scenario usually results in a belly ache for hours!

Training is the same way.  Our bodies are made to move everyday, but this may not mean going balls to the wall on every workout (especially if there is not proper maintenance done in between workouts).  Mixing in some stability, mobility and heck, maybe even just a slow hike or walk/jog on a recovery day is still moving. If you are not recovering properly you will get injured. That is a fact. It is just a matter of time.

Here is what I suggest: Before you come to the gym everyday close your eyes and check in with your body. Take  few deep breaths and do a little scan from head to toe to see how things are feeling. Are you feeling physically ready for a workout? Are you feeling mobile? Are your muscles recovered from your last workout? These are just a few things to consider.

I have heard lots of people chatting about how sore they are lately. I have also heard many of you talking about how you have upped your days in the gym or have added in extra running or training. I have seen many people in my office for emergency pain management lately. Here is the thing, I do not want to see you in my office for an emergency! Take it from me, it sucks being hurt and in the long run will set your training back way farther if you have to take a chunk of time off to heal than if you listen to your body and take a day off here or there when you are not feeling your best.

Here is my advice for life: Everything in moderation. Work, gym, play, foods, travel, stress, everything. If you think about doing everything in moderation there will be a beautiful balance created in your life. Be still for a few minutes a day and listen to the cues your body and mind give you on where you might need a little moderation and where you need a little more of one thing or another. If you need some help understanding the signals I am here for you. Approach me after class, send an email (, send a text or call (585-752-3644).

Much love to each one of you!

Coach A