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Schedule Yourself First

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When you take a look at your life how often do you put yourself first? How often do you do things that are just for you?

Most people feel that by prioritizing themselves they are being selfish, but in truth, you must prioritize yourself in order to be the best parent, spouse, friend or employee you can be.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t take care of others, but what about you? Aren’t you just as important? By prioritizing yourself you are showing yourself that you matter, that you care and respect yourself.

Think of it this way – If you health deteriorates, are you even going to be around to help others? If you become overworked and stressed and your happiness level goes down are you going to be someone that people want to even be around? Even worse, if you continue to put others first and never yourself will you emotionally check out and miss out on the amazing things life has to offer?

Here’s a fun exercise: List 5 or 6 things that make you truly happy. Here, I’ll share mine for ideas.

  1. Random breakfast dates with Chad
  2. Bringing Dylan to the zoo
  3. Getting a foot massage / mani and pedi
  4. Reading a good book
  5. Working out
  6. Drinking wine with friends

Now, write down the last time you did each of these things. Based off of the second part of this exercise, how often are you actually do things that make you happy? Where can you focus on getting more “YOU” time in.

So this week, sit down and really think about the things that make you happy. How often are you doing them? Where can you make changes in your life? How can you put yourself first sometimes?

Remember finding time to do things you love makes them a priority, it doesn’t make you selfish. These are important things that should be happening regularly so you can be the best version of yourself you can.

Schedule yourself first, then add everyone else in.