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Pump-King Throwdown

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We are so excited to announce our first ever in-house competition, the Pump-King Throwdown, happening on Saturday October 28th.

This competition will bring together the members of Boomtown in a way that has never been done before. Same sex pairs will compete to be CFBT’s Pump King (and queens).

The competition is set up in a way that allows anyone at Boomtown the opportunity to compete if they want to. 1 RX athlete and 1 Modified athlete will pair up and work together to accumulate as many points as possible throughout the day .

Here are the standards:

Have 1 rep max at or above

Men’s Rx:

Deadlift 315+, Back Squat 225+, C&J 205+, Thruster 155+,
Snatch 135+, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, toes to bar

Women’s Rx:

Deadlift 205+, Back Squat 135+, C&J 125+, Thruster 95 +, Snatch 85+, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, toes to bar

Women’s Scaled:

Deadlift 155+, Back Squat 105+, C&J 105+, Thruster 75+, Snatch 65+, knees to elbows

Men’s Scaled:

Deadlift 225+, Back Squat 155+, C&J 155+, Thruster 115+, Snatch 95+, knees to elbows

Registration closes Saturday 10/14 and space is limited!! 

Don’t miss out on this awesome event.

**Fall themed potluck and optional costume party to directly follow the event.** 

Come and compete, volunteer or cheer on your fellow Boomtowners in an awesome day of fitness, fun and community.

Sign up NOW!