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Our Warm Ups are Intentional

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Each day you come into class you are asked to perform a specific warm up for that day’s workout. These warm ups are intentional and are a very important part of the workout for the day.

One of the main priorities of any warm up should be to increase your body temperature. By increasing the core temperature we can elicit a wider range of responses that should ultimately help your performance throughout class.

Once we have gotten our blood moving and body temperature up (usually 2-3 minutes on a bike or rower) you will see specifically programmed movements that should prepare you for the tasks ahead.

We use these movements to get our bodies ready for all of the movements for the day. We include mobility and stability movements that will help us properly move through the necessary range of motions for the day, as well as movements that prepare our bodies for increased load.

It is important to remember to move well and complete the warm ups each day you come into class, as well as being sure to complete a comprehensive warm up if you are coming in for open gym or working out on your own.

Any gym that is simply slapping the same warmup on the board everyday is doing a great disservice to their members. Warm ups are one of the most important parts of the whole thing!