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November’s Challenge – Hang!

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Why Hang?

Our challenge this month at CrossFit BoomTown is to accumulate 3:00 of relaxed pronated grip hanging daily.

This can be done here at BoomTown, home, work, school, the park, etc and the 3:00 can be broken into multiple holds in either one setting or over the course of the day.  Although breaking it up is fine we would recommend hanging for at least :20 seconds at a time while accumulating your 3 minutes.

If you struggle hanging completely with all of your bodyweight, the hanging can be done with your feet on the floor to relieve some of the load on the shoulder joint, you will be able to govern how much stress is placed on the joint.

On to why we have put this challenge out there this month…

Dr. John Kirsch developed this idea of using relaxed hanging to treat shoulder pain, and through a series of clinical trials was able to prove that the vast majority of clients found relief from shoulder pain by simply hanging.  If you are interested please look into the “Kauai Study”, the stats are impressive including complete relief of shoulder pain for 90 out of 92 clients.

Long story short this orthopedic surgeon found a way to stop cutting people open to fix shoulder pain…that solution is simple…get your hang on!


  • Accumulate 3 minutes a day
  • Break it up however you need to
  • Stay in a relaxed hang (let the shoulders rise to your ears)
  • Overhand grip only
  • You can hang completely or let your feet touch to reduce the stress on the joint

PS – if there is some pain/discomfort tough it out a little!!! And for an added benefit you can include some slow controlled and light single arm upright rows!