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Mindful Muscle Seminar

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Mindful Muscle:
Going beyond exercise for the fittest you

Why do we step into the gym? This question is not referring to the surface level “objects of fitness” like PR’s, a nice butt, a headstand, results, stress relief, and more. To be precise, I am asking what are you trying to feel? This question distills down to the truth that behind this result, or object, is a goal “state-of-being” (STOB). A state or feeling you may identify as contentment, freedom, belonging, happiness, growth, joy, or peace. And Fitness truly is paramount to creating this STOB.

Hear me now…FEAR NO DROUGHT!

Join this workshop if you’re:

  • Hitting a plateau or struggling with your fitness and lifestyle goals
  • Not consistently hitting your ideal state-of-being or flow states
  • Looking for a way to enhance your performance and recovery with few,

    focused efforts

  • A parent who’s sick of feeling overwhelmed or scattered
  • Anyone on the path of self-actualization and growth

However, we often reduce fitness to merely physical capacity or appearance, and

rely on hammering our body to create our STOB. In this narrow context, we

create a fragile base for our well-being. Whether it be from hectic schedules,

burn-out, injury, or aging, every human has droughts of exercise. What happens

to your STOB when you experience an exercise drought? Perhaps frustrate,

anxious, sad, powerless, etc.

This workshop fortifies your base by expanding your definition of fitness beyond

movement. Not only will you learn how to sustain and elevate your physical

game, we focus on strengthening your mind to consistently create your goal

STOB. The state where all results are born.

Topics Covered:

Physiology of Stress

  • Evaluating mind-body state
  • Breathe, contemplation, and meditation techniques for your STOB
  • Ways to incorporate techniques into your schedule without trying to find

    “more time”

  • Creating your personal self-actualization plan


  • $30 ticket
  • Date: 3/10/18
  • Place: CrossFit Boomtown

• Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Adam’s journey in self-actualization was born under the barbell 20 years ago from his desire to overcome his anxiety and depression. He has spent countless hours training, researching, and embodies the philosophy he teaches to others. As the pace of our life increases, balancing all components for better living becomes increasingly difficult. His educational and inspirational message is critical to establishing the balance needed to consistently be our best in this fast- paced world. Each talk is an opportunity for individuals to boost their biology, break through their limits, and live their high performance life.

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