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Member Of The Month- September – Melissa Wahlers

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Congratulations to Melissa Wahlers on Member of the Month For September! We chose Melissa because she has seriously represents what hard work and dedication look like. She attends classes regularly, takes advantage of camps and is killing her nutrition working with Melissa.

Read up on her future goals, Favorite Treat and much more. Everyone at CrossFit Boomtown is very proud of your hard work, keep it up Melissa!

*How long have you been a member at CrossFit Boomtown and how long
have you been doing CrossFit?* 

I’ve been a member and doing CrossFit since July of 2015.

*What is your favorite thing about the gym?*
I love how welcoming and approachable all the coaches are! The members here are also amazing!
*What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the gym?*
Most recently, getting into the gym more often and putting in the effort. I have made some big changes in the past few months!

*What is your favorite moment at the gym so far?*
 Getting my first strict pull up!
*What’s your favorite “cheat” food? * 
Kettle Popcorn!

*What’s your Favorite activity outside the gym?*
Outdoor activities with my dog!
*What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting?* Give it time, nothing will happen overnight. Put in the effort and you will see results. 
*What drives you?* 
Knowing I can do better and I have the best resources at Boomtown to help me with my goals!

*What is you biggest fitness goal right now? 
Right now, my next goal is handstands.