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Intensity can be defined as great energy, strength, concentration, vehemence, etc., as of activity, thought, or feeling.

Why It’s Useful?/How We Use It?:

Intensity!  We talk about it all the time but what does that mean for us and how should we define it?  I think most of us need to reframe how we view intensity and how we utilize it.  Within the walls of CrossFit BoomTown it is easy to think of intensity in only one way…fast! heavy!, “man that was INTENSE”.

I would like to challenge that thought today. Although intensity of movement can definitely be relative to speed at which something is done or the external load moved, that should hardly be the only way we define it.  There are tremendous benefits; physical, mental and emotional, to pushing yourself to move quickly, or to go after that heavy barbell and conquer it, however there are also limitations to that approach.

If the only thing you do is beat your body down with fast and heavy movement you are abusing this beautiful machine we have all been given, and we only get one.  There is a great benefit to an intense focus on moving wellmoving through a variety of planes of motion, and moving at a variety of speeds.  Not only can doing so help allow your body to recover and feel better after the heavy and fast workouts but it gives you a level of mindfulness and presence in what you are doing that allows you to appreciate what your body is capable of.

Can we be intense with things other than movement?  Absolutely, why not try focusing some of that WOD intensity on your nutrition and let me know how it goes.  My bet is you see some remarkable results.

How about an intense level of commitment?  Wow, what would that do for not only your fitness goals but for your performance at work or to strengthen your personal relationships?

Could we approach gratefulness for the things that we have in our lives with greater “intensity” and how would that change our perception of the world we live in?

I don’t want to go to far off the deep end with this topic but I do want you to all understand that intensity can be so much more than simply moving faster or going heavier, for some of us that is exactly what we need to do, for others we have mastered that and it does not challenge us to take that approach.

Give some thought to what your goals are both in and outside of the walls of CrossFit BoomTown (or your gym if you don’t happen to go to the best gym on the planet, haha).

How can you apply intensity to more effectively address the things that you want to change in your life?


If you ever want to discuss more specifically how to apply a different approach to intensity in your workouts or any other area of your life please reach out.  Don’t avoid the things that are uncomfortable and challenging, those will be what change you the most.   Don’t skip the days at the gym when you are feeling beat up, just talk to a coach about adjusting the format of the workout and don’t skip the days that are planned to have a more movement focused intensity rather than a speed or weight focused intensity, doing each of these will leave you feeling better and still allow you to push the pedal to the floor from time to time to satisfy that need for speed!