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Hey Coach…I need to quit.

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Hey Guys…I need to quit.

So we have had a handful of members in the last few days approach us about canceling their memberships because of an injury there are experiencing.

There are a number of issues with this, but before we get into that an important thing to remember unless there is a catastrophic event (i.e. car accident, dropped a barbell on your head, fell off a box, punched in the face, etc) the injury/pain you are experiencing is likely the culmination of years of immobility, overuse, misuse, strength imbalance, obesity, etc.

The solution to these issues is not to stop working out and moving, the solution is to more specifically address your needs through adjusting your approach to training at BoomTown or anywhere else.  This is about changing your mindset in regards to your training and your health and fitness.

What would you do if you could not quit? 

How would you move forward?

Who would you look to for guidance?  

Many of the individuals looking to stop training with us are doing so at the direct advice of a practitioner (usually a chiropractor).

Our question to them is, what are they suggesting in lieu of training at BoomTown?

We know you would all like to believe that all clinicians are created equal and many clinicians think that all CrossFit’s are created equal but the reality is that they are not.  Unfortunately, there are many chiropractors, medical doctors, PT’s, etc that do not know a whole lot about training or finding ways to actual improve their clients pain/discomfort through a specified, appropriate approach.

There are many clinicians with a great deal of knowledge when it comes to training, like Dr. Sean Pastuch and Dr. Jeremy Todd who run Active Life Chiropractic and Performance Care Rx.  Whom we work with on a regular basis for continuing education with our staff as well as for individual questions regarding client injuries or pain.

It can be difficult to navigate the weeds to find a quality clinician but part of that can be assisted by communication between them and us.  We have always encouraged our clients to put us in touch with a PT or Chiropractor they are working with so that we can discuss limitations, what we have planned for them, progress along the way and any other questions that come up.  That partnership is really the way to guide you to success.  Simply stopping your training is likely to lead you down a path of immobility and chronic pain.

As owners we struggle with advice to simply quit. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with individuals that have injuries and we offer many services at the gym that can help you.  But it often seems like clients are looking for a way out, and as soon as their doctor tells them to stop there is no questioning that directive. There is no conversation with us…simply a request to quit.

Here is the harsh truth…if you are trying to overcome an injury, being 90 pounds overweight, or a sedentary lifestyle that you’ve had the last 20 years the journey is going to be tough.

The journey is going to involve some discomfort before you get through to the other side.  

The programming we offer in the gym is done with consideration of health, longevity, and performance, however this will never be completely tailored to you and your needs and as such you may need to put in a little additional work or take a slightly different path for a brief time period.  This will take a little more commitment and sacrifice but will make you better in the long run.  Many individuals struggle with the accountability part of this and with understanding the movements and approaches needed to train successfully.

Where we struggle the most with directives to “stop CrossFit” is that the person saying that often doesn’t offer a good alternative, leaving you to go about it on your own.

Let’s be honest, are you really going to do anything about your weakness, weight loss or muscle imbalance without guidance and accountability?

That is why we are here, our goal is to guide you through that journey and help to hold you accountable.  This is our area of expertise, it is our purpose and we want to share it with you…but you have to communicate that need.

When we see recommendations like the following it is incredibly frustrating because most clients don’t know any better and are being misled and falsely guided to what is best for them.

“Stop CrossFit and start running long distance” (FYI long distance running has the highest incident of injury for all recreational fitness activities) 

“Just don’t ever squat or deadlift again” (really?… The rest of your life you can never squat down or bend down and pick something up?)

We apologize for the lengthy rant here but this comes from a place of love and true concern for your health, longevity and well-being.  Please consider speaking with one of our coaches if you are experiencing some pain/discomfort/injury.  We can help set you up for success but you will have to do the work, do not simply make the decision to quit on yourself.

If you are interested in speaking with a client that has seen success by working with us I encourage you to reach out to Bernadette Eichas and Amy Cook, they are both excellent examples of clients who have overcome tremendous adversity and are on the road to success because they made a decision to value their health and to work towards it.

If you have a personal question or concern please feel free to email and/or

Yours in health, fitness and strength,

Melissa, Chad and the rest of the BoomTown team.