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Feeling Stagnant? Challenge Your Workout Routines

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Challenge Your Workout Routine

Sometimes, our workout routines need a minor refresh so that they can keep serving us REALLY, really well. If you’re feeling uninspired or unchallenged, I encourage you to read through the following and apply what makes the most sense for you:

  • Incorporate a NEW Focus. It’s important to remember that general programming in our Crossfit classes are just that, general programming, so you may or may not see things that you want/need day to day. Having specific goals requires specific training. Strength training, endurance, speed, or flexibility are all components of a balanced fitness approach. When you think about YOUR routine, what’s missing for you? Identify an area and consider some personalized programming with a coach.
  • Schedule Real-Deal Rest Days. This is important! If you’re feeling a little worn out, assess how often you’re exerting yourself in a workout during the week. Most bodies need a full 2 days off each week. If you’re finding it difficult to recover from a workout or like your health progress has plateaued, consider adding in an extra rest day so that your body can recover from your efforts. It is important to remember that more is not more, especially when it comes to working out. If you are feeling sore, getting hurt, or just aren’t seeing results, this may be a huge culprit.
  • Incorporate Something FUN. Work towards something that you will look forward to. Sign up for a race or competition. Meet friends for specific class times. Do extra things outside the gym that you enjoy.
  • Treat Yourself. Something magical happens when you treat yourself to a new pair of workout shoes or even an outfit …you start to really look forward to the time where you get to wear them! Something as simple as a new water bottle or a new podcast or playlist (that you enjoy while you workout) could make all the difference.

If this post sparked your interest in some personalized programming, please reach out to to set up a consult with a coach or to get more information. Our coaches would love to work with you more closely.