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Exercise Should be Fun

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Too often we believe that the rewards to exercise must only come from struggle and suffering. Fun just is no longer part of the equation.

What happens from childhood to adulthood that creates this change?

I watch my 22 month old daughter everyday, naturally playing and naturally moving. It’s something inherent inside of her and something she truly enjoys. Now as she has learned to talk she even says things like, “I need to run” or “I need to play”.

On the other hand I watch the adults in my life complain about the exercise they are doing and beat themselves down until they are either hurt, or so unmotivated to continue.

Where has the diconnect been created where we no longer believe movement should be fun? 

There is no right way to exercise, or right way to move. You need to find something that keeps you healthy, but that also keeps you happy. If you are simply using pain and suffering as a way to determine if your exercise program is working, then you are going about it all the wrong way.

The hour or two you spend in the gym should be fun, and you should be doing other things outside of the gym too. Move to just move, without a time or goal domain. Play, whether its with other adults or with kids. Get back to the basics and learn to love movement again.

Make movement fun again!