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Changing Your Patterns of Action

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We all have patterns of habit, routines, things we do everyday. Most of these things we do automatically, either because we know we need to (like eat or sleep) or because we have trained ourselves to do so (like brush your teeth). We create patterns for how we work, how we eat, how we relate to other people, how we pretty much do everything.

Often times these patterns work for us. They create ways for us to be successful and to lead healthy, happy lives. Other times, these habits pull us farther away from our goals. It’s these patterns that need to be evaluated so that you can successfully reach your goals, without getting in your own way.

Two important questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Which three patterns of action (or habits) do you currently do that might prevent you from reaching your goals? (these could be things like hitting the snooze button and missing your workouts, or constantly eating out when you are trying to eat healthier)


2) Which three new patterns do you need to establish to reach your goals?

When working towards your goals it is important to not only recognize what you want, but it is also important to recognize the things that may keep you from getting the things you want.

It is proven that it takes just 4 weeks to change a habit if you work on them consistently. Before you know it these new patterns of behavior will feel natural to you.

So, answer these two questions for yourself. What are some things you do that are hindering your progress and what can you start doing to get closer to those goals everyday? Make the decision to change and focus on positive steps towards that change everydayp