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CF Open 2017 Team Rosters

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Thanks to everyone who came out to our draft party! It was a lot of fun hanging with you guys and choosing teams for the 2017 CF Open. Be sure to show up and dress up for the weekly theme so you can help your team earn as many points as possible each week! Best of luck and lets have some FUN! Oh…and let the shit talking start….NOWWWWW!

Here are the teams for this year.

Team Edwin (Big Booty Babes)

Amy Rovitelli, Mike Cooke, Jimmy Himes, Tomika Bruce, Trish Terrance, Jon Lawton, Mickie Sanna, Julie Macpherson, Amber Demersman, Seth Adanti, Mike Moulton, Stephanie Richards, Manny Voltaire, Christina Coury, Jessica Eodice

Team Meg

Katie Helbig, Amber Trumbull, Matt Gauvin, Jarie Doberstein, Erika DeSalvo, Lori Fairbrother, Karen Orbaker, Lana Mezzatesta, Julie Caves, Tyler Warren, Adrienne Morgan, Zach Harrington, Chad Curtis, Jake Bunce, Joe LoDolce

Team Amanda

Meg Angel, Jason Beaton, Kesha James, Frank Woods, Jake Terrance, Kelly King, Heather Traub, Hilda Saltos, Anne Himes, Bill Porter, Emily Miller, Frank Taccone, Curtis Angel, Jen Martindale, Phil Perelli

Team Taco

Jenaye Tyno, Kayla Hartz, Megan Adanti, Dave Pascarella, Mary White, Ashley Pierce, Zach Darrow, Rob Russo, Ashley Tanner, Tina Moulton, Jess Kleinhammer, Pete Eodice, Haj Yusuf, Mike LaRocca

Team Danny

Melissa Wahlers, Rich Fairbrother, Julie Hamm, Lee Baxter, Dina Demersman, Meg Holve, Dan Sullivan, Adam Colasanto, Maggie Vescio, Mike Rethy, Brian Nichols, Kyle Hartz, Nick Kozak, Ben Palmer

Team Moose

Chris Marasco, Shawn Rodgers, Tim Hoats, Mike Borlik, Erik Stoneham, Sarah Mercer, Guarav Mittal, Curtis Gilbert, Jess Brunner, Jessica Aponte, Lauren Kozak, Mike Tracy, Terrace Walker, Ryan McLean