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Boomtown Updates and Changes

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As I am sure many of you have noticed there has been a lot of commotion and moving parts over the course of the last few weeks.  Many of these seemingly abrupt and fast paced changes have actually been long thought out decisions that were frankly just waiting on finalizing our future space.  With our new home confirmed at this point we are working very hard to implement a lot of necessary work in a very short time frame (such is life sometimes).

With all that being said, we appreciate your understanding and patience and ask that if you have any questions or concerns please contact Melissa at or myself directly at

I wanted to take a minute and outline some of the changes you have already seen or will be seeing and hope to clarify what and why these are being implemented:

  1. Increased emphasis on Individual Design (ID), ID has always been something we have offered, in some capacity.  As ID has evolved and grown from just personalized workouts to what it is now (regular consultations, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and workout prescription) we have become more and more confident that this is truly the best option for those we serve to meet their health and fitness goals long term.  We have now added the floor-coaching element to make the service better by maintaining the social aspect and keeping real time coaching a part of the process.  ID also allows us to offer our staff an avenue to grow themselves professionally and really get into helping individuals versus simply guiding classes.  All of this equates to an ever-evolving service that is here to stay, so please talk to us if you are interested.

2. Elimination of the All Mid Day Hours & 7:00pm class:  We have seen over the years that we often make decisions based on what we feel would be more convenient, accessible and desirable to our clients.  What we have consistently failed to consider is the psychology of human beings. We have seen that when something is cheaper or free the commitment level of those involved is directly and negatively impacted, we have also seen that the more opportunity we offer for classes, open gym times, etc the less we see people commit to actually using those available times.  That second part leads us to the elimination of our midday hours (open gym, floor coaching, classes).  I have personally had a number of conversations with members regarding the fact that if you don’t have to make the time, you won’t make the time. Consider our 5:00am class, the bulk of that class can only attend at that time of day due to family, work and life commitments, as a result we see hands down the highest level of consistency in that group when compared to every other person in the gym.  Truly consider that for a minute…you came here to make a commitment, yet many of us are quick to say “we don’t have time” and in response Melissa and I have inadvertently set you up for failure by offering a whole bunch of different times that allow you to make an excuse.  “I’m tired so I am not going to make the 6:15am class, I’ll go in on my lunch break….oh wait my meeting ran late now I don’t have time for the midday, I’ll just go to the 4:30pm class….man today was a long day, I’ll just go home and rest up so I can go to the 6:15am class tomorrow”  rinse and repeat, you see where this goes right?  Commit to a class time being YOUR TIME, dedicate it to yourself and make it a non-negotiable.  Our elimination of these time frames is with your best interest in mind, whether you see it or not, we are trying to remove roadblocks to your success, be it physical or psychological.  If you need help figuring out your schedule or a training option that works for you then I again encourage you to reach out and ask.


3. The Move: Obviously we have kept you guys informed that we needed to move by the end of this year, while perhaps that would be ill advised by many other businesses we value transparency with both our clients and our staff.  The move is scheduled to take place throughout the month of December, putting us in our new space for the start of 2019.  If you want and are able to assist along the way we truly appreciate it, if not that’s cool too just pay attention to the information that gets sent out so you know where to go for your workout and when our final day at the current location will be.  We will be working hard to make this transition as seamless as possible for you all`.

4. New Brand/Name:  Rebranding our business is another decision that has been in the works for a very long time (almost from the beginning of our business if you want to get specific).  We have long taken our own interpretation to running a CrossFit Affiliate and while I have a lot of respect for much of the work CF has done, and continues to do, to bring health and fitness to the public we want to make our own mark.  This helps to remove client preconceived notions about what the workouts should or should not be, what types of classes and services we should or should not offer, etc.  This will be a difficult process but it is important to us, and grants the freedom to be really flexible with the types of services we deliver and how we deliver them in the future in order to provide the best experience for all of you.  For the time being nothing will really change a whole lot for you guys.  You will see some different class names initially and some minor changes to how the workouts are programmed. We will maintain our CF affiliation, so for anyone interested in doing the Open or CF sanctioned events you will still be able to do so at the gym.  But you will see over the next few months a transition to the name KINETIX, we are excited about this and hope that you are too!

5. New Management Software:  Trust us that this pains us far more than you all…we will be transitioning to Zen Planner and moving away from WODHOPPER, our hope is that this is the last time we need to make a switch like this.  This transition is always a huge lift for Danny, Melissa and myself on the back end and we know it can be a bit inconvenient for you all as well.  Trust that we will do everything to make it as simple and painless for you as possible, we appreciate you bearing with us during the transition.  Along with this you will see an updated website, member app, a different POS system for the retail area and more.  Again please reach out with questions or concerns as they come up along the way…our goal is for this transition to be as smooth as possible for everyone and to be completely running on ZP no later than December 1st.

6. FITBOT Name Change:  For any of you dong Individual Design you will be noticing that the delivery platform we use, FITBOT, has changed its name to TRUE COACH…along with that they have released their app although I believe it is only for iPhones at the moment.  This software has been great and they continue to make more and more updates to provide a better platform for both you all and your coaches.  If you have questions just connect with your coach about it.

7.New Class Schedule:  We have been surveying you all regarding afternoon classes to help us set a more effective afternoon class schedule.  You will see this roll out next week (10/21/18-10/27/18).


*Please note that these hours are subject to change based on client feedback and coach availability.  Personal training appointments are not subject to this schedule, those are set up between a coach and their client on an individual basis.

**Gym is closed from 11:00am-3:15pm

As I said initially, please understand that we do not take the decisions made (minor or major) lightly and the primary driver is our ability to best serve you all.  We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time of transition and encourage you to reach out if you have questions or concerns along the way, even if they have nothing to do with any of the aforementioned changes.

Chad and Melissa