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Mindful Muscle Seminar

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Mindful Muscle:
Going beyond exercise for the fittest you

Why do we step into the gym? This question is not referring to the surface level “objects of fitness” like PR’s, a nice butt, a headstand, results, stress relief, and more. To be precise, I am asking what are you trying to feel? This question distills down to the truth that behind this result, or object, is a goal “state-of-being” (STOB). A state or feeling you may identify as contentment, freedom, belonging, happiness, growth, joy, or peace. And Fitness truly is paramount to creating this STOB.

Hear me now…FEAR NO DROUGHT!

Join this workshop if you’re:

  • Hitting a plateau or struggling with your fitness and lifestyle goals
  • Not consistently hitting your ideal state-of-being or flow states
  • Looking for a way to enhance your performance and recovery with few,

    focused efforts

  • A parent who’s sick of feeling overwhelmed or scattered
  • Anyone on the path of self-actualization and growth

However, we often reduce fitness to merely physical capacity or appearance, and

rely on hammering our body to create our STOB. In this narrow context, we

create a fragile base for our well-being. Whether it be from hectic schedules,

burn-out, injury, or aging, every human has droughts of exercise. What happens

to your STOB when you experience an exercise drought? Perhaps frustrate,

anxious, sad, powerless, etc.

This workshop fortifies your base by expanding your definition of fitness beyond

movement. Not only will you learn how to sustain and elevate your physical

game, we focus on strengthening your mind to consistently create your goal

STOB. The state where all results are born.

Topics Covered:

Physiology of Stress

  • Evaluating mind-body state
  • Breathe, contemplation, and meditation techniques for your STOB
  • Ways to incorporate techniques into your schedule without trying to find

    “more time”

  • Creating your personal self-actualization plan


  • $30 ticket
  • Date: 3/10/18
  • Place: CrossFit Boomtown

• Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Adam’s journey in self-actualization was born under the barbell 20 years ago from his desire to overcome his anxiety and depression. He has spent countless hours training, researching, and embodies the philosophy he teaches to others. As the pace of our life increases, balancing all components for better living becomes increasingly difficult. His educational and inspirational message is critical to establishing the balance needed to consistently be our best in this fast- paced world. Each talk is an opportunity for individuals to boost their biology, break through their limits, and live their high performance life.

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ROC Strong Results 2017

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Thanks again to everyone that came out to participate in ROC Strong this year. We love this event and love watching you guys pick up heavy shit!

Great job to all of the participants. Here are the results from this year’s event.

Lightweight Division

  1. Sirens Mixtape (James and Lisa) – Total 1,590lbs Team Weight 151 lbs
  2. Big and a Little Strong (Zach and Emily) – Total 1,520lbs Team Weight 156lbs
  3. Tag You’re It (Jon and Stephanie) – Total 1,385lbs Team weight 157lbs
  4. Pecs and Hammies (Mickie and Brian) – Total 1,325lbs Team Weight 152lbs
  5. Why So Heavy (Austin and Dana) – Total 1,370 lbs Team Weight 159lbs
  6. Deceptively Strong (Elise and Sean) – Total 1,083 Team Weight 151lbs
  7. Earned Not Given (Anthony and Jolene) – Total  1,212 Team Weight 156lbs
  8. Barbell and Bacon Beast (Adam and Samantha) – Total 1,125 Team weight 160lbs

Middleweight Division

  1. Pug Life (Sierra and Matt) – Total 1,760 Team weight 174lbs
  2. He’s Tall, She’s Small (Amanda and Nick) – Total 1,770 Team weight 186
  3. Coffey / Piac 2020 (Olivia and Robert) – Total 1,640 Team Weight 183
  4. Two Old Grumpy CrossFitters (Jen and Terrace) – Total 1,435 Team Weight 164
  5. Iron Core (Daniel and Rebecca) Total 1,525 Team Weight 175
  6. Flex Appeal (Holli and Josh) Total 1,455 Team Weight 179
  7. The Meathammers (Jess and Ben) Total 1,395 Team Weight 173
  8. Bert Strong (Janet and Scott) Total 1,451 Team Weight 187
  9. What Six Pack? (Jenna and Joe) Total 1,320 team Weight 171
  10. The Future Denny’s (Danny and Amber) Total 1,290 Team Weight 170
  11. Bert’s Dirty Mudder Funkers (Charlie and Angie) Total 1,330 Team Weight 189 lbs

Heavyweight Division

  1. Narp Life (Robbie and Danielle) Total 1,900 Team Weight 197
  2. What’s on the bar? (Jason and Jen) Total 1,735 Team Weight 191
  3. Salt and Pepper (John and Natasha) Total 1,695 Team Weight 199
  4. Fristmas Lifters (Mary and Dan) Total 1,815 Team Weight 233
  5. Me and Him (Mike and Lori) Total 1,550 Team Weight 219
  6. Team Hybrid (Dan and Cassandra) Total 1,780 Team Weight 255
  7. One Snatch and a Jerk (Mike and Teresa) Total 1,080 Team Weight 203

Best Lifts

Back Squat – Robbie 500lbs, Sierra 330lbs

Deadlift – Robbie 555lbs, Cassandra 465lbs

Clean and Jerk – Robert / Sean 285lbs, Danielle 205lbs

Snatch – Robbie 245lbs, Natasha 145lbs

Front Squat –  Dan 385 ,  Jen 250

Bench – Daniel/Mike 350, Sierra 180


Pump-King Throwdown Workouts

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Here is all of the information you need to know about the upcoming Pump-King Throwdown!

Competition will kickoff promptly at 9am. (Heats will be released soon!)

Volunteer Check in – 8:15

Athlete Check in – 8am – 8:30am

First Heat – 9am

Workouts will be:

WOD 1:  Squat Ladder

Athletes will have :45 seconds to accumulate as many reps as possible at each barbell, both athletes may assist in plate changes.

Athletes will receive points in the following way 3 points for OH Squats, 2 points for Front Squats, 1 point for Back Squats.

Scaled athletes will start the workout and teams will have :30 to change plates for the Rx athlete before their first minute of work starts. Modified Athlete will do all of their squats, then RX athletes will go.


M Scaled: 95, 115, 135, 155, 175

M Rx: 135, 155, 185, 205, 225

W Scaled: 65, 85, 105, 115, 125

W Rx: 85, 105, 125, 145, 165

WOD 2:  Deadlift & Pull Up AMRAP

12 min AMRAP

4/8 Sumo Deadlift @205/125

4 Inverted Row/C2B Pull Ups

Weight will remain the same for both RX and Modified athletes, reps will be higher for RX. Inverted rows will look like a ring row but be done on the kid’s pull up bars.

WOD 3:  6 Mile Assault Bike

Complete 6 miles on the Assault Bike, athletes must switch every 3 minutes.

Cap 20 min

Post Competition Chili Cookoff / Fall Themed Bake-off 2pm 

There has been some talk around the gym about who makes the best chili and who makes the best desserts. Well, here is your chance to prove that YOU are the best!

You get to choose to participate in either (or both if you really want) The Chili Cook-off or the Fall Themed Bake-off.

Judges will base their decisions on taste, creativity and representative of fall your dishes are.

Potluck will kickoff right after the competition. All are welcome so please invite friends and family to come out and support you while you compete and hang out for the potluck.

Fall themed adult beverages are welcomed too!!

We are excited to get the community together for this fun event. We hope to see you all there!



Pump-King Throwdown

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We are so excited to announce our first ever in-house competition, the Pump-King Throwdown, happening on Saturday October 28th.

This competition will bring together the members of Boomtown in a way that has never been done before. Same sex pairs will compete to be CFBT’s Pump King (and queens).

The competition is set up in a way that allows anyone at Boomtown the opportunity to compete if they want to. 1 RX athlete and 1 Modified athlete will pair up and work together to accumulate as many points as possible throughout the day .

Here are the standards:

Have 1 rep max at or above

Men’s Rx:

Deadlift 315+, Back Squat 225+, C&J 205+, Thruster 155+,
Snatch 135+, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, toes to bar

Women’s Rx:

Deadlift 205+, Back Squat 135+, C&J 125+, Thruster 95 +, Snatch 85+, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, toes to bar

Women’s Scaled:

Deadlift 155+, Back Squat 105+, C&J 105+, Thruster 75+, Snatch 65+, knees to elbows

Men’s Scaled:

Deadlift 225+, Back Squat 155+, C&J 155+, Thruster 115+, Snatch 95+, knees to elbows

Registration closes Saturday 10/14 and space is limited!! 

Don’t miss out on this awesome event.

**Fall themed potluck and optional costume party to directly follow the event.** 

Come and compete, volunteer or cheer on your fellow Boomtowners in an awesome day of fitness, fun and community.

Sign up NOW!


Strongman Sundays

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Event Details

Join coach Amanda for strongman Sunday’s starting Sunday June 4th. 6 Week camp will run every Sunday from 10am-11am. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use the strongman equipment as well as how to implement strongman philosophies into their training. Camp dates are: June 4, 11,18,25, July 2, 9

The Catalyst Games After Party

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Event Details

We have partnered with Three Heads Brewing this year to offer a fun filled after party with live music from The Crooked North, good food and great beer!  Whole-E Roasters food truck will be on site all night serving delicious food!

Buy your tickets here!

Join us, your registration includes cover charge and one beer ticket. Be sure to print out your purchase confirmation you will need that at the door to avoid getting charged a cover and so you can get your drink ticket!

The Catalyst Games

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Event Details


Use Code Earlybird 17 for $50 off until May 1st!

The Catalyst Games is back for 2017 and we are trying a twist on last years team competition, we will have 4 person same sex teams facing off.

There are always some great athletes that show up to test their fitness and to simply have a great time throwing down with their community. So don’t be left in the dust, gather your squad and get signed up sooner rather than later.

We have made an attempt to keep the standards to help guide which division is best for you very simple, take a look at the list below when deciding if Rx or Scaled is the right open for you and your team.

Remember, these are minimum standards to help guide you in which division to choose…we made an effort to keep them very clear so you can choose to go Rx or Scaled. The final 2 workouts will involve higher skill movements and heavier weights than what is listed below as they will only be completed by the top teams in their respective divisions.

Men’s Rx:
Deadlift 315+, Back Squat 225+, C&J 225+, Thruster 185+,
Snatch 155+, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, KB Clean & Press 53+

Women’s Rx:
Deadlift 205+, Back Squat 135+, C&J 135+, Thruster 115+, Snatch 105+, Chest to Bar Pull Ups (at least 2 out of 4 athletes),
KB Clean & Press 35+

Men’s Scaled:
Deadlift 225+, Back Squat 155+, C&J 155+, Thruster 115+, Snatch 95+, Pull Ups, KB Clean & Press 35+

Women’s Scaled:
Deadlift 155+, Back Squat 105+, C&J 105+, Thruster 75+, Snatch 65+, Pull Ups (at least 2 out of 4 athletes), KB Clean & Press 26+

Remember, these are minimum standards to help guide you in which division to choose…we made an effort to keep them very clear so you can choose to go Rx or Scaled. The final 2 workouts will involve higher skill and heavier weights than what is listed below as they will only be completed by the top teams in their respective divisions.

Specific movement standards for the first 3 workouts will be released by or before June 1st, 2017

For the first time ever we will be releasing the final 2 workouts before the event day, they will be released after the registration deadline has passed and before the actual event.

As always we need volunteers, judges, and spectators to help make this event a success so get involved and encourage your friends and family to do so as well, the more the merrier!

We will be asking that spectators make a small donation of at least $5.00 at the door again, 100% of which goes to our benefiting non-profit this year ROCovery Fitness. There is also a link to make a separate donation right on the registration page for both participants and anyone else that is looking to support ROCovery Fitness. We know that addiction has touched many of our lives and want to help make it simple to support this awesome Rochester Non-Profit in facilitating recovery through positive engagement and physical activity in our community. For more information about their mission go to


Food and Alcohol
There will be some improved food options at the venue this year since Pinnacle has added their cafe! You can check out there current menu options right on the Pinnacle Athletic Campus website under the About Us tab…we may even have some additional options thrown in there come August! Alcohol will also be available to purchase.

Plenty of parking at Pinnacle but we still recommend carpooling because its more fun!!!

We love em…bring anyone and everyone to help cheer you on and support you and your fellow fitness friends. We are planning on having a kids area set up like last year as well to give the kiddos some fun stuff to do throughout the day. There will be a $5 donation at the door, please let your spectators know to bring a few dollars cash with them the day of the event. There will also be a child watch area available for children.

Doors will open at 7:30am, we will be kicking off the first event at 9:00am and will be done with all the days events with prizes in the hands of our winners by 5:00pm.

Early Check In
We encourage you to do an early check in at CrossFit BoomTown (2256 Hudson Ave, Rochester, NY) the week before the event. This saves a tremendous amount of time and eases a bunch stress for you and us!

3 Heads Brewing 7pm

Unfortunately we do not offer any refunds, however you can transfer your spot to another athlete if something unexpected prevents you from being able to participate the day of the event.

Event WODS

Workouts have not yet been released.