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Big Risk Equals Big Reward

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To quote Nelson Mandela – “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Today marks the last day that Chad will be working for Warrior Salute, a job that he selflessly took over a year and a half ago. A job that took him away from the business he created and from his true passion.

I have known Chad for 14 years. We have been a couple for most of them. He can be hard headed and stubborn, but he is also one the most hard working, strongest, and loyal people I know. He is a true leader that evokes change amongst everyone he comes in contact with.

Almost 6 years ago now, Chad and I moved back to New York after teaching in California for 5 years. We took a leap of faith, leaving jobs that provided security and financial freedom to open our own business. With little to no business experience or knowledge, here we are 6 years later.

Today we take that leap of faith again. Chad will be joining us back at CrossFit Boomtown full time. While this is risky and leaves us with very little money, it does give us freedom to work for ourselves and to do the work that we really love to do.

I want to thank Chad for being the dreamer that he is. For always thinking big, for continuing to learn and grow and for making me realize that risk is ok. For not letting us stay stagnant in teaching jobs we hated, and for taking the risk again to leave Warrior Salute and make CrossFit Boomtown what we know it can be.

CrossFit Boomtown was Chad’s dream, it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. I wake up everyday loving my job and I am so excited for Chad to have that opportunity again too. Today our choices reflect our hopes, not our fears…and that’s pretty awesome.