The CrossFit Boomtown ambassadors are a group of athletes that give their everything to our community. They are hard working, consistent and awesome role models. Meet our ambassadors!

  • Karen Orbaker


    CrossFit Boomtown Ambassador Karen Orbaker hit bottom mentally with being overweight and suffering with depression, and she knew she had to do something. She researched CrossFit, and knew that was going to be the workout regimen for her. “Joining Boomtown was one of the best decisions of my life,” she says. “I enjoy ‘box jumping’ when I travel, and have been to some fun places, but nowhere is comparable.”

    Karen has been told that she “lacks a filter,” but that’s a good thing. “I choose to live my life out loud and in a positive way,” she says. “I believe you need to BE the positive change you desire to see whether it is in yourself or in the world. Know that if I give you a compliment, it means something.”


    • Certifications:
    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
    • Bachelors & Masters in Nursing
    • Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
    • Army Good Conduct Medal with clusters
    • Multiple Service Achievement awards
  • Erik Stoneham


    CrossFit Boomtown Ambassador Erik Stoneham was always “the pudgy kid” growing up and never very athletic. At age 27, he had an elevated blood pressure and chest pain, and working in health care, he knew what that meant.

    So he started making changes to his lifestyle. After a while of cycling, running, and working out on his own, Erik began to plateau. So he tried CrossFit and was instantly hooked. That was five years ago. As a coach, Erik says it’s truly amazing to see people achieve their best. “I really enjoy it when they do something they never thought possible and rock it: school, fitness, life, whatever,” he says.

    His favorite quote is “Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.”


    • Associate’s degree in Health Studies
    • Associate’s degree in General Studies
    • AHA/CPR Instructor
    • NYS - EMT-B
    • “Almost a Nurse” BSN RN
  • Jenaye Tyno


    CrossFit Boomtown Ambassador Jenaye Tyno got into CrossFit after her cousins got tired of listening to her complain about the weight she had gained in college. “The freshman 15 is really more like the senior 30,” she says. Jenaye came to Boomtown for a trial class and instantly fell in love with the workouts, environment and community. “I became addicted after the first month!” she says.

    “Everyone is so welcoming and have very genuine personalities,” she says. “I never feel like I am being judged, which is a catalyst to trying things outside of my comfort zone. There’s no fear of ridicule here, just encouragement and positive vibes. I feel safe to take risks, ask questions and try new things.”

    Her favorite quote is “You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.”


    • NYS Teaching Certification
  • Rich Fairbrother


    CrossFit Boomtown Ambassador Rich Fairbrother came to Boomtown because he needed to lose weight but wanted something more than boring, plug in/tune out workouts. He found what he needed here. “With support from coaches and members, there isn’t a bad day of working out, even when you don’t hit a lift or the WOD is difficult,” he says.

    For Rich, his continuing CrossFit journey is all about learning more about nutrition and health as well as training to make his everyday life easier. “Each year brings a new perspective and new challenges, which I love,” he says.

  • Dave Pascarella


    CrossFit Boomtown Ambassador Dave Pascarella was a big fitness buff in his 20s – doing Kung Fu, tons of cardio, and 2-hour workouts. But that wasn’t sustainable after grad school, and his weight crept up over the years. He went from 155 to 220 pounds, and tried CrossFit to lose the weight and get back in shape. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” he says. “I just wish I’d discovered it sooner. At 44, I’m probably the healthiest I’ve been in a long time.”

    When Dave isn’t in the gym, you can find him backpacking, writing music, enjoying a good beer or Scotch and cooking. When he’s in the gym, “I love picking a movement that I can’t do and figuring out how to do it,” he says. “It’s such a cool feeling to take something like double-unders – that I couldn’t do even one – and be able to now do 50 unbroken relatively easily.”


    • Licensed Master Social Worker
  • Maggie Vescio


    CrossFit Boomtown Ambassador Maggie Vescio is passionate about dogs, doughnuts, and CrossFit. She grew up playing soccer and picked up bodybuilding in 2015. She won 1st and 2nd place in her first NPC bodybuilding competitions in 2016, which qualifies her for national NPC Figure competition. “In summer of 2016, I picked up powerlifting and CrossFit and here we are – loving it,” she says.

    “I started CrossFit because I felt lost,” she says. “Going from structured training, to no competition to prepare for or specific direction to go, I didn’t know what to do with myself, but I knew I needed to do something. Since starting at CrossFit Boomtown, I feel constantly challenged physically and consistently supported by every athlete and coach there.”

    When Maggie isn’t in the gym, you can find her at the Verona Street Animal Shelter walking the dogs. “I wish I could adopt all of them!” she says.


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