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18.5 Recap

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Can you believe the Open is over already?! Week five of the 2018 CrossFit Open brought us a repeat from Open’s past, and WE got to help choose the workout, for the first time ever.   It was so fun watching you all push through 18.5.

Our week 5 Standings are as follows:

Team Scores….You are going to  have to come to the Open Party Friday night (7-9pm) to find out who our winning team is!!

Our Top Ranking Athletes Were:

Mens RX

  1. Matt Parina
  2. Phil Perelli
  3. Pete Eodice
  4. Brian Nichols
  5. Joe DeBellis

Womens RX

  1. Laci Knight
  2. Emily Miller
  3. Jess Kleinhammer
  4. Mickie Sanna
  5. Jessica Eodice

Men’s RX Master

  1. Ryan McLean
  2. Terrace Walker
  3. Kevin Nichols
  4. Geoff Knight
  5. Tim Hoats

Women’s RX Master

  1. Steph Richards
  2. Amanda Fite
  3. Jen Howard
  4. Jen Martindale
  5. Collette Bates

Men’s Modified

  1. Casey Pepper
  2. Kevin Wallace
  3. G-Money
  4. Matt Gauvin
  5. Matt R.

Women’s Modified

  1. Ashley Tanner
  2. Tricia Apple
  3. Amber Demersman
  4. Nathania Figueroa
  5. Sarah Penkin

Women’s Modified Masters

  1. Joelle Hill
  2. Heather Traub
  3. Kesha James
  4. Erika DeSalvo
  5. Dina Demersman

Men’s Modified Masters

  1. Corey Crawford
  2. Dave Pascarella
  3. Mike Moulton
  4. Dave Demersman
  5. Mike Hill

Since it was a simple theme this week, we couldn’t really choose a “most spirited” but the 9am crew has the most participation in one class and they are a spirited bunch everyday!

Great job to everyone who participated in the Open this year! We are proud of all of you!

Here are some fun highlights!

Erika rocking those thrusters.

Casey working hard!

Coach Steph has some serious game face!

Jimmy pushing this one RX and kicking ass on those chest to bar pull ups!

Jess E’s beautiful kip!

New member Melissa working through those thrusters!

Haj and Mickie working hard for those chest to bars!

Dave P. putting in work!



Hope to see you all there!