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17.5 Recap

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The 2017 CrossFit Open is officially over and I think this was our best one yet. We had our most participation ever and we witnessed you guys accomplish awesome things.

This last workout required a lot of heart, especially if thrusters and double unders aren’t your thing. Congrats to everyone that did it and tried their best!! You should all be proud.

Congrats for Team Danny’s Darlings for winning the participation points again this week!

Your team standings for this year’s CF Open are:

  1. Team Taco – 201 points
  2. Team Amanda – 157 points
  3. Team Meg – 156 Points
  4. Team Moose – 153 points
  5. Team Danny’s Darlings – 147 points
  6. Team Edwin – 131 points

Your top 5 from each division this week are:

Men’s RX

  1. Mike Tracy
  2. Chad Curtis
  3. Terrace Walker
  4. Phil Perelli
  5. Jon Lawton

Women’s RX

  1. Melissa Curtis
  2. Emily Miller
  3. Stephanie Richards
  4. Amanda Fite
  5. Jess Kleinhammer

Men’s Modified

  1. Mike Rethy
  2. Dave Pascarella
  3. Shawn Rodgers
  4. Tyler Warren
  5. Matt Gauvin

Women’s Modified

  1. Melissa Wahlers
  2. Mary White
  3. Kesha James
  4. Jen Martindale
  5. Kayla Hartz

Your top 10 athletes overall in the gym for the entire open are:

  1. Mike Tracy
  2. Phil Perelli
  3. Chad Curtis
  4. Melissa Curtis
  5. Emily Miller
  6. Tim Hoats
  7. Zach Switzer
  8. Terrace Walker
  9. Jon Lawton
  10. Ryan McClean

See where you ended up here:

Some awesome highlights for this week:

The partner love. Plus Jimmy’s epic outfit again this week.

Pete’s Epic cat pants and WHITE socks on crazy sock day!

Jessica working hard until the very last rep!

Mickie rockin’ those DU’s

and the community. We have the best one around!

I am so proud to be a part of this with all of you and I thank everyone that participated in the Open this year. I hope you had so much fun! Keep up the hard work everyone!

The Open if officially CLOSED. 🙂