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17.3 Recap

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3rd week down. It’s been a fun ride so far.

Great job to Team Meg and Danny’s Darlings for winning participation points this week.

Here are the team standings after this week.

  1. Team Taco – 123
  2. Team Amanda – 104
  3. Danny’s Darlings – 98
  4. Team Moose – 93
  5. Team Edwin – 89
  6. Team Meg – 82

Your top 5 Men’s RX Athletes this week were:

  1. Taco
  2. Chad
  3. Mike Tracy
  4. Tim Hoats
  5. Danny D.

Your top 5 Women’s RX Athletes this week were:

  1. Christina Coury
  2. Emily Miller
  3. Moose
  4. Jess Kleinhammer
  5. Meg Bell

Your Top 5 Men’s Modified Athletes this week were:

  1. Matt Gauvin
  2. Mike Rethy
  3. Jake Terrance
  4. Zach Darrow
  5. Shawn Rodgers

Your Top 5 Women’s Modified Athletes this week were:

  1. Kesha James
  2. Kayla Hartz
  3. Ashley Tanner
  4. Heather Traub
  5. Mary White

Here are some fun highlights from this week!

 Jess forgot her pants.

The Zach’s make a sweet couple.

Chad rocked the shit out of his snowman outfit.

And Jess looked beautiful in her cat dress.

Amy rocking the Moose PJ’s (so jealous) and Brian rocking his Mario Bro’s Pjs (also jealous).

Jess and Katie being awesome. Then there’s Jimmy 😛

Baby Ruby, Not impressed and Tomika looking fly (as always.)

Heather killing those snatches and Mickie getting her first chest to bar pull ups…ever!!

Great job to everyone this week. Loving the participation so far. This week is “Show Your Irish Pride” week so be sure to get those green outfits ready.

And join us for the party Friday night!!!

Here’s to a great 17.4. Let’s get it!