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17.2 RECAP

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So week 2 is over and there were some awesome things that happened as our members attempted 17.2.

Coach Amanda rallied her team from afar and they won the participation points for most members wearing their CFBT Open shirts this week. Great job Team Amanda!

We saw a lot of people push themselves and get pull ups or bar muscle ups this week! Great job to everyone who participated!

Your team rankings after this week are:

  1. Team Taco – 80
  2. Team Amanda – 73
  3. Danny’s Darlings – 70
  4. Team Edwin – 70
  5. Team Moose – 60
  6. Team Meg – 50

Individual Standings were:

RX Men

  1. Zach Switzer
  2. Phil Perelli
  3. Mike Cooke
  4. Ryan McLean
  5. Mike Tracy (got his first bar muscle ups ever, and continued to rack up a bunch to score points for his team!)

RX Women

  1. Steph Richards
  2. Christina Coury
  3. Ashley Pierce (got her first 3 bar muscle ups ever!!)
  4. Jess Kleinhammer (got her first 2 bar muscle ups ever!!)
  5. Melissa Curtis (has the bruises to prove she tried muscle ups with no luck, but did the first part fast enough to squeak into 5th this week)

Modified Women

  1. Kayla Hartz
  2. Jennifer Martindale
  3. Maggie Vescio
  4. Anne Himes
  5. Dina Demersman

Modified Men

  1. Zach Darrow
  2. Dan Sullivan
  3. Rob Russo
  4. Adam Colasanto
  5. Jason Beaton

Here are some highlights from the week!

Julie Hamm getting her first pull ups!

Anne  Himes killing pull ups and scoring points for her team!

Jon Lawton making bar muscle ups look easy.

Ash P getting her first bar muscle ups.

The 5am killing it as usual.

Ryan, Mike and Christina working some synchronized muscle ups into their workout.

And Melissa repping CFBT in Arizona!

Great job this week guys. Remember this week’s theme is PJ Party. Come to class rockin’ the best PJ’s you have!

Here’s to another great week of the open. 17.3…we are READY!