Train to be your best self.

CrossFit Boomtown is Rochester’s premier fitness facility offering the best in functional fitness. Our programs are based on a proven methodology, taught by the best in the industry, and results are seen across our entire community of athletes.

Our mission is to educate our athletes, our members, and improve their quality of life; our focus is on the health and longevity of our community. Here, we train for the every day; we train for real life. Whether that means being able to keep up with your children or becoming a high-level athlete, we strive to provide a training experience that’s suited to your personal needs and fitness goals. And we want you to achieve everything you've ever wanted under the glow of health, and a long, fulfilling life.

Our methods are simple. With constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, you’re training to get leaner, stronger, faster, move better, and become your best self.

The magic is in the movement ... the fun is in the community.

Ready. Set. GO!


You’ve never seen a gym like this! CrossFit Boomtown is unlike any other fitness facility or CrossFit gym. At an expansive 10,400 square feet, we’re fully equipped with everything functional fitness including turf, Olympic weightlifting platforms, 2 pull-up rigs, a wide variety of sport-specific equipment, and even a mobility-designated area with Normatec recovery systems. We are proud to offer 4 showers, a kids room, plus a separate 1,500 square foot personal training room. Our in-house retail shop has curated the best in apparel, personal gear as well as a variety of the highest-quality supplements so you can shop at your convenience.

  • There are all different fitness levels of people that go to Boomtown. No matter if the fittest person in the class is there or the person a day newer than you, everyone is supportive and encouraging. I have worked out at "normal" gyms and was never able to achieve the results I have at Boomtown. Since I began my journey here I have lost 30 pounds, learned to eat good food that has created a healthy lifestyle for me, which has led to correcting medical issues that I was dealing with.

    Mike Wooledge

  • The coaches at Boomtown are knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and always willing to help you modify a workout based on whatever limitations you may have. Classes have a cap on them so each member gets personalized attention. Think of it as a group personal training session - every class.

    Dave Pascarella