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Member Of The Month- September – Melissa Wahlers

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Congratulations to Melissa Wahlers on Member of the Month For September! We chose Melissa because she has seriously represents what hard work and dedication look like. She attends classes regularly, takes advantage of camps and is killing her nutrition working with Melissa.

Read up on her future goals, Favorite Treat and much more. Everyone at CrossFit Boomtown is very proud of your hard work, keep it up Melissa!

*How long have you been a member at CrossFit Boomtown and how long
have you been doing CrossFit?* 

I’ve been a member and doing CrossFit since July of 2015.

*What is your favorite thing about the gym?*
I love how welcoming and approachable all the coaches are! The members here are also amazing!
*What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the gym?*
Most recently, getting into the gym more often and putting in the effort. I have made some big changes in the past few months!

*What is your favorite moment at the gym so far?*
 Getting my first strict pull up!
*What’s your favorite “cheat” food? * 
Kettle Popcorn!

*What’s your Favorite activity outside the gym?*
Outdoor activities with my dog!
*What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting?* Give it time, nothing will happen overnight. Put in the effort and you will see results. 
*What drives you?* 
Knowing I can do better and I have the best resources at Boomtown to help me with my goals!

*What is you biggest fitness goal right now? 
Right now, my next goal is handstands. 

August Member Of The Month

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We are proud to announce Darnell as our August Member Of the month! Congratulations Darnell!

You may have seen him in the morning classes busting his butt, or in the afternoon classes  running with his son during the warm up.  Read on to learn about about Darnell, his real life struggles,  and how he turned them around, all while setting a great example for his son.

*How long have you been a member and how long
have you been doing CrossFit?*

I started CrossFit when I became a member at Boomtown.  I believe that was in February.  So approximately 6 months now.

*What is your favorite thing about the gym?*

There’s a lot I like about Boomtown.  My favorite things would have to be the programs designed for us and the whole vibe the coaches and members bring.  It’s incredibly positive and motivating.

*What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the gym?*

My biggest challenge has definitely been learning patience.  There’s so much I want to be able to do, and definitely times where I feel that I can’t keep up.  But since joining I’ve learned to stay positive and keep at it, not to try to rush my progress or keep up with the gentlemen or ladies next to me.

*What is your favorite moment at the gym so far?*

My favorite moment at the gym has got to be this particular day we were doing overhead holds with the barbell.  I brought my son Tyberius this day and I remember looking at him after I had just finished accumulating my 2 minutes.  I saw him through the window to the play room and he was doing push presses with a kid’s barbell and loving it.  Lol.  That was awesome!  At that moment, I really felt like I was setting a great example for him.

*What’s your favorite “cheat” food? *

Has to be a tie between pizza and ice cream.  I’ve got a problem.

*What’s your Favorite activity outside the gym?*

Spending father/son time with my son.  Whether we’re having water gun fights, reading comic books together or play fighting.  And reading.  Usually non-fiction but I am a huge James Patterson fan.
*What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting?*

I would say, “You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  Boomtown has great, friendly and knowledgeable coaches and awesome members.  The atmosphere is fantastic and there’s no pressure.  You’ll only be pushed to do YOUR best, not someone else’s.”

*What drives you?*

That feeling of accomplishment after completing a difficult task.  Specific to fitness, I just love feeling physically capable to do almost anything.  I spent roughly 13 years struggling with drugs and alcohol, in and out of rehab and cop cars; watching my life fall apart before my eyes.  During that time my body was frail and wasting away.  Little things like running up a flight of stairs left me winded.  A year ago I couldn’t do 3 pull-ups.  I felt incredibly weak and incapable.  I never want to feel that way again.  Plus, I want to set a positive example for my son, Ty.  I want to show him that you can reach any goal you can set.  When I was at my lowest that boy still looked up to me like I was a superhero.  So I want to be the superhero he always thought I was by staying positive and giving everything I’ve got to reach my goals.

*What is you biggest fitness goal right now?

My biggest fitness goals right now are to be able to do 20 straight pistol squats on each leg, 5 pull-ups with 90 lbs of weight added, and 5 strict one-arm pushups.

July Member Of The Month

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Kathleen came into the gym saying one thing, “I want to move”. Since then she has progressed leaps and bounds. She has been consistent from day one working on strength, mobility and nutrition, being sure to use all of these tools to help her achieve her goals. Here is a little bit about our July Member of the month. Keep on moving Kathleen. We are very proud of you!

*How Long have you been doing CrossFit?*

I have been doing CrossFit for about 6 months.

*What is your favorite thing about the gym?*

My favorite thing about the gym is the diversity. I love the  different workouts and equipment.

*What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the gym?*

My biggest challenge was, to get up off the couch and move! That was six months ago and I am still moving.

*What is your favorite moment at the gym so far?*

There have been so many moments, but the moment I was finally able to do a push up was the best.  I haven’t been able to do them for     years.

*What’s your favorite “cheat” food? *

Lately it has been Ice cream

*What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting?*

Simple, just start!

*What drives you?*

The thought of being 80 or 90 yrs. old and still on my feet.

*What is your biggest fitness goal right now?*

My biggest fitness goal right now is to increase my mobility.



Member’s of the Month for June

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As CrossFitter’s we revel in the idea of new Firsts. Even as a community firsts are big accomplishments for us! We are proud to announce a first for CrossFit Boomtown. Congratulation’s to Anne and Jimmy! As  they are our First couple member of the month. They both came in giving 110%. You could find them constantly learning and asking question to work on movements or skills. Plus submersing themselves into the community. Here are some fun facts and pictures to prove it

*How Long have you been doing CrossFit?*

Jimmy: I started in August 2016
Anne: I started in June 2016. Wow! It’s been almost a year

*What is your favorite thing about the gym?* –

Jimmy: The positive atmosphere. I always want to do more. When I see someone trying a heavier kettle bell it makes me motivated to try a heavier one too. The coaches are great too!
Anne: I absolutely agree. I love that everyone’s pushing themselves and encouraging others at whatever level they are at. Even though some folks make things look easier than they are, the atmosphere makes it ok to work hard and try something challenging, even if it means I might have to bail on a lift or stumble into a box–I never feel like I’m the only one struggling on my own.

*What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the gym?*

Jimmy: Learning the lingo and remembering all the different movements.
Anne: Getting started and making the time and money commitment to do something good for myself was hard. I felt a little guilty at first. After a year, I can assure you it’s worth every minute and every penny. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. Being healthy isn’t frivolous.


*What is your favorite moment at the gym so far?* –

Jimmy: Going from not able to do one strict pull-up to doing 10 strict pull-up during an assessment in January. The CrossFit open was a ton of fun too. Mickie was an excellent partner who drove me to give it my all. Can’t wait for the 2018 Open.
Anne: It’s hard to pick one moment, but I’d probably have to go with getting my first strict pull-up. I have never been able to do them, and it was such a feeling of accomplishment, where I felt “Wow. My body is capable of doing so much more than I thought if I just work at it.”

*What’s your favorite “cheat” food? * –

Jimmy: Ridge Donuts
Anne: Ice Cream and Cheese

*What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting?*

Jimmy: Just do it, you won’t regret it. When I started I was a little intimated. I’m pretty scrawny so seeing all these guys with lots of muscles was scary at first, but they’re all really nice guys.
Anne: Give it a try–for at least a month. Your body will be so angry with you at first. You will be super sore and it will feel like this can’t possibly be good for you. But it is. You just have to wake your muscles up from hibernation, and slowly you’ll go from feeling bad to feeling really good.

*What drives you?* –

Jimmy: Besides my car, at the end of the day it’s just really fun, I can’t can’t wait to go back! Anne’s a great motivator too
Anne: It’s sooooo much fun. Every day is different, there are always new things to learn, and everyone there is awesome. I miss going after even a day or two off.

*What is you biggest fitness goal right now?*

Jimmy: Doing better at barbell movements. Need to start coming on Tuesdays and do a barbell camp as well. Would love to master the sexy bear crawl (Ask Chad to demonstrate, still waiting on this seminar)
Anne: I want to work on everything, but specifically a focus to improve my bodyweight movements, and have better balance and motor control. I’m shooting for a handstand within the next year.

May Member Of The Month

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Hilda Saltos

We are excited to announce Hilda Saltos as our May Member of the month. From day one Hilda hit the ground running, literally . This would have been enough to deter anyone from joining, but not Hilda. She has become a stellar member in our community. You can find her encouraging other members in the 6:15am class or gathering a crowd to do burpees at the holiday party. Hilda we are very proud of you. The CFBT staff and community is excited to see what the next year brings for you.

*How Long have you been doing CrossFit?*

I’ve been a member for 16 months (who’s counting?) so I’ve been doing CrossFit for the same amount of time.

*What is your favorite thing about the gym?*

Definitely the camaraderie. Everyone is so supportive, coaches and members alike. I can tell that the coaches genuinely love what they do and want to help us grow.

*What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the gym?*

Easy. Fear. This shit scared the hell out of me so I wasn’t consistent. I would talk myself out of it every day. Then one day late last year, I decided I was going to stop being scared. Or at least stop letting my fear stop me.

*What is your favorite moment at the gym so far?*

Definitely 17.4. My first Open. I wanted to die about 30 wall balls in. I had nothing in me until I heard one of the coaches next to me telling me to remember To Keep the balls at my face. Tea bag! It was the only thing I could think about. It was the right thing to get me laughing and re-energized.

*What’s your favorite “cheat” food? *

*What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting?*

It will definitely test you. Just keep going, even when you think you are going to die. You won’t. The coaches won’t let you. I always remember what Meg said, “Your mind will quit before your body will.” So. True.

*What drives you?*

Kicking my fear’s ass. I was so busy being scared that I wasted a lot of time. Every time I get scared by a challenging workout, I just do my best and it feels so good when I’m done.

*What is you biggest fitness goal right now?*

I definitely want to keep getting better. I have two goals – improving my technique/knowledge of mechanics, and weight loss. I can feel how much my body has changed for the better since starting. I want to keep that momentum going.






Making the most of your time at CrossFit Boomtown.

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Trust us. We understand busy schedules. In fact, many of the members we have here at CrossFit Boomtown initially joined because they needed a more efficient workout that didn’t require them to be in the gym for hours at a time.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of ways you can make your time at the box as productive and fulfilling as possible.



While you generally enjoy coming into the box, there are some days when maybe overtime at work, school papers, family issues and other nasty things can really get you in the mood to skip the WOD “just because.”

A good way to deter the “just because” excuse is to get into the habit of coming in at the same time on the same days. Once you’ve created this habit, it becomes automatic. You’ll find yourself going to the box without any force involved regardless of the plants who could probably use watering (or any other strange excuse you give yourself.)

Bottom line: A schedule keeps you consistent, and consistency is the key to forming healthy habits.


If you’re serious about hitting your fitness goal, it’s critical to track your progress. And we don’t mean stepping on the scale every morning and completely freaking out at any increase in weight.

Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’re doing it right you’ll be gaining lean muscle while you’re losing fat which doesn’t always result in seeing a lower number on the scale.

Throw out that scale and buy a notebook. Keeping track of your workouts and progress will help you train with a purpose. If you did 5 back squats at 135 a few months ago, and that sequence has come up again, well now you’ll know what number to shoot higher than.

Bottom line: Knowing what you did yesterday will help you be better today.


Many of us get into the habit of coming in on-time and leaving on-time. That’s by no means a bad habit. But to make the most of your workout, the best thing you can do is put in a little extra time before and after class.

We know, working out before working out sounds like advice from a crazy person, but it’s really the key to taking your fitness to the next level.

It’s no news to say that putting in some extra credit will turn you into a better athlete, but when you do it with other athletes that like to go above and beyond outside of class times, you’re fostering some really positive relationships. That’s when the true awesomeness happens.

Bottom line: To get the most out of your training session, put in some extra work both physically and socially


It’s ok to admit that you feel a little intimidated to ask for help at the box. But don’t be! Even those big, huge, grunting, bearded guys were new once. Everyone has been in the same spot and there’s absolutely no shame in needing some extra help to understand a movement. In fact, that’s the sign of a smart athlete who’s on their way to big things.

Bottom line: There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Except for maybe, “Can I pee before you start the clock?” We don’t like that one.


Are you the type to only drink water when you’re feeling really thirsty or maybe you like to chug the majority of your day’s water intake right before and after a WOD? Well, you might want to change that and here’s why.

Feeling thirsty and getting dry mouth indicates that your body is already dehydrated. Dehydration can reduce the volume of blood pumped by the heart which means less oxygen to the muscles which often results in premature fatigue. And if you try to quick fix your dehydration by drinking lots of fluid right before class it can cause bloating and cramping. That’s a terrible way to suffer through a WOD.

This is especially important for women. “Women are not small men,” says Stacy Sims, Ph.D., exercise physiologist-nutrition scientist. “They’re five times more likely than men to have GI problems when exercising . . . women are also more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.”

Bottom line: To get the most out of your training session, stay hydrated all day long before you step foot into the box.


We want you to sleep more. In fact, we insist you sleep more. We can’t stress enough the importance of getting a good night’s rest because without it, all the training and dieting in the world will just be a waste of time.

It’s hard to believe that something you do when you’re not even awake can be one of the most important ways you can make the most out of your training sessions, but it’s true. To put it simply, lack of sleep stresses out your body which cases weight gain and anxiety.

Bottom line: Prioritize your sleep. Prioritize your well-being.


Stretching and becoming more flexible really shouldn’t take a back seat in your plan to become a fitter you. If we could tack on an extra 30 minutes to the WOD for mobility, we’d do just that! An hour a day at the box isn’t going to undo a lifetime of sitting on your bum craning over a keyboard.

Invest in a few key items for home like a foam roller and a PVC pipe to improve your range of motion while you’re watching TV or right before bed. Practicing mobility at home will improve your overall athletic ability and will decrease the risk of injury.

Bottom line: Mobilize everywhere and invest in the tools to do so.